Indi Young

RRS Keynote talk: paying better attention to the problem

The problem space is not about the problem your solution solves.


It's not about generating ideas. It's about understanding the purpose of different people. Surprisingly, this still isn't widely done. This deeper understanding has a direct effect on your product strategy, and marries empathy with business direction. It mitigates risk, allowing your organization to make informed decisions about priorities and where to focus for the best success. It enables inclusive software design.


Indi takes a touchy-feely topic and breaks it down into something that is tangible and understandable.

RRS Biography

Indi Young is a freelance researcher who writes and speaks about cognitive empathy, demographic assumptions, and software design. She is the wonder twin to data scientists.

She brings the depth and breadth of qualitative research to explain big data trends via the painstaking detail of listening sessions with real people. She specializes in the problem space side of software design research.

When paired with quantitative trends, user research, and usability insights, her mental model diagrams and thinking-style segments let your organization activate better support for far many more people.


Researcher, writer, assumptions-buster, inclusive strategist

RRS Summit Organizers

This summit is organized by research practitioners from Spatial Research & Design and Blueprint UX, local UX design companies, and global technology leaders Samsung, Facebook, and mCloud. The organizers are passionate about research that inspires new ideas and improves product design/strategy.

Our goal for the summit is to strengthen the Pacific Northwest research community by sharing research approaches, methods and ideas for contributing to better human-centred product/service design.