Anish Nangia

RRS Working with intuition

Intuition is messy. It can be biased, immeasurable and by extension, a horrible way to make decisions. When faced with intuition, the most common response is to dismiss it or argue against it.


As researchers, we all need to know how to work with intuition instead of against it. In this talk, I propose a framework and a method that allows us to use intuition - to bring in into the fold and include it into their process.

RRS Biography

Anish Nangia is a design researcher in San Francisco where he uses research methods to help teams make better decisions, understand complex problem spaces and inspire compelling solutions. He has worked in a variety of industries (Automotive, Farm, EdTech) and currently, works for eBay leading design research efforts in fashion.


UX Researcher

eBay, Inc.

RRS Who is your role model, and why?

Don’t have a single role model but Erika Halls and her book “Just enough research” has had a significant influence in how to make the research I do practical and relevant to my teams.

RRS What is the core message of your talk?

Our brains are connected to environments we are in. And like children absorbing the culture they grew up, our Intuition is developed from being immersed in these environments. Yet, the only environments that most our teams see, are the ones in the office surrounded by luxury of free snacks and fancy computers. It is no wonder that most products coming out of silicon valley only seem catered to themselves, giving us all the appearance of being more disconnected from the world. I think, intuition if viewed differently, can act as a platform on which to connect with the human beings that use what we build. I believe researchers are and should be on the forefront of this movement.

RRS Why is your subject matter important to researchers?

In this talk, I will try and reimagine the role of researchers as more than just synthesizers of data but as facilitators that grow intuition in the humans being designing experiences.

RRS What do you want attendees to take away from your talk?

A new perspective on intuition and how we work with it in the workplace.

RRS How can attendees prepare in advance?  Do you have a book, blog post or any other relevant information you’d like to share?

No prep work.

RRS Summit Organizers

This summit is organized by research practitioners from Spatial Research & Design and Blueprint UX, local UX design companies, and global technology leaders Samsung, Facebook, and mCloud. The organizers are passionate about research that inspires new ideas and improves product design/strategy.

Our goal for the summit is to strengthen the Pacific Northwest research community by sharing research approaches, methods and ideas for contributing to better human-centred product/service design.