Michael Medlock

RRS UI tenets & traps: 100 years of research in the palm of your hand


Presenting with Steve Herbst

This talk describes UI Tenets & Traps, a heuristic evaluation tool that distills 100 years of UI research and best practices. It is a short, memorable, internally consistent rule set which gains depth the more you use it.

The goal of UI Tenets & Traps is to make you a better detector, predictor and communicator of UX issues. UI Tenets & Traps won the 2013 Engineering Excellence award at Microsoft and has been used successfully by several Fortune 500 technology companies since.

There are 9 Tenets and 26 Traps. We will present a subset of Traps in our allotted time using some audience participation “skits” and real-world examples.

RRS Biography

Michael Medlock is a Principal User Researcher with 20+ years of industry experience. He helped found the Games User Research group at Microsoft. He worked on three Xbox console launches and 40+ Xbox and PC games including Age of Empires, Gears of War, Forza, Minecraft, and Sunset Overdrive.

He also worked on Windows Phone, HoloLens, and CRM systems. He created the Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation method (RITE), and UI Tenets & Traps, a heuristic system for evaluating user interfaces.


User Researcher

UI Traps

RRS Summit Organizers

This summit is organized by research practitioners from Spatial Research & Design and Blueprint UX, local UX design companies, and global technology leaders Samsung, Facebook, and mCloud. The organizers are passionate about research that inspires new ideas and improves product design/strategy.

Our goal for the summit is to strengthen the Pacific Northwest research community by sharing research approaches, methods and ideas for contributing to better human-centred product/service design.