Kathryn Brookshier

RRS Skip the actionable insight: get straight to the action

Presenting with Veronica Sipeeva and Jennifer Giblin

Stakeholders want “actionable insights” from UX research, but what they really need is help making expedient, smart decisions... in other words, they need ACTION. Depending on a stakeholder’s trust and engagement, they see UX research as an asset, an ally, or an obstacle in your organization. With low trust and engagement, “actionable insights” will sit on the shelf forever, overlooked when the customer needs them the most.

Our team developed a 2x2 model that describes the relationship between researchers and stakeholders so that you can develop the right strategies to drive the team to action.

In this talk, you will learn how to elevate the level of trust and stakeholder involvement. Leading design research at a Pacific Northwest health insurance company, our team has used this new framework to increase collaboration and empower better outcomes for our customers.

RRS Biography

Kathryn Brookshier is a UX Researcher at Indeed in Seattle, WA. A consumer-focused researcher, Kathryn incorporates quantitative and qualitative methods to drive product decisions that positively impact users. She received her B.S. in Interaction Design from Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering.


User Experience Researcher


RRS Summit Organizers

This summit is organized by research practitioners from Spatial Research & Design and Blueprint UX, local UX design companies, and global technology leaders Samsung, Facebook, and mCloud. The organizers are passionate about research that inspires new ideas and improves product design/strategy.

Our goal for the summit is to strengthen the Pacific Northwest research community by sharing research approaches, methods and ideas for contributing to better human-centred product/service design.